Saturday, October 7, 2023

First Nations Offers Native American Operations Access to $70+ Billion Purchasing Network

Woodruff, WI, Oct 7, 2023 --
First Nations, a leading advocate for Native American economic and business development, is proud to announce a groundbreaking opportunity for Native American administrations and enterprises. By joining First Nations Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), tribal enterprises and government programs can tap into a $70+ Billion purchasing network, saving significant costs on a variety of products and services. This initiative provides unprecedented cost control, supply chain efficiency, and administrative support, empowering tribes to focus on revenue growth while optimizing expenses. “Continue to operate and purchase your normal daily routine but do so with savings you’ll never access anywhere else without fees, minimum purchase amounts, or lengthy contract.”, says Randy Soulier. “No gimmicks, no strings, just private savings”

What First Nations Offers:
First Nations offers direct access to Premier Inc, the nation’s leading Group Purchasing Organization. Premier combines the purchasing volume of 4,100 U.S. hospitals and 200,000 alternate sites, negotiating discounted pricing through a portfolio of over 2,800 contracts. This includes multiple tiers of discounts, ensuring substantial savings on everyday products and services. GPO membership allows Native American operations, including all their government programs, to access both pricing and strategic purchasing support exclusive to members, right from day one.

By joining the GPO, Native American businesses and government can benefit in various ways:

- No Fees, No Minimums: Premier members pay no fees and have no purchasing minimums, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for tribal enterprises.

- Operational Excellence: Achieve operational excellence through smarter purchasing, focusing on your core business activities while saving tens of thousands of dollars annually.

- Exclusive Discounts: Access dozens of discounted items and services immediately, enhancing your organization’s purchasing power.

- Procurement Power: When a construction project is rostered under the GPO portfolio, tribes gain a whole world of materials, supplies, and FF&E discounted pricing. Also, a dedicated purchasing representative is ready to assist and answer questions along the way.

How It Works:
GPOs have a long history of saving businesses money. Premier negotiates on behalf of its members, ensuring competitive contracts with trusted suppliers. This system allows for the delivery of significant savings, leveraging over $70 billion in combined annual purchasing power for businesses. The tribes that have community food programs, such as for elders, CBRF clients, and the like, can purchase from a $6+ billion portfolio specialized in those areas.

About First Nations Business Solutions:
Randy Soulier developed First Nations from years of experience, at multiple levels, working and volunteering in Indian Country. Beginning with the vision to provide Indian Country a portfolio of vetted solutions either developed or customized to be turnkey, limited capital outlay, and requires little labor bandwidth to utilize. By forming strategic relationships, understanding of tribal operations, and knowledge of culture in decision-making, First Nations can help tribes greatly enhance medical care, revenue growth, expense management, and generational community growth. Soulier is a member of the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe and has degrees in Marketing and Integrative Leadership.

For media inquiries or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Randy Soulier
Owner, First Nations Business Solutions