Tuesday, October 25, 2022

On Sight Repairs Reaches New mark in Driveways throughout The South Shore, 10,000 Mowers and Blowers Tuned and Repaired

Rockland, MA, October 25, 2022 --
Tune-up or repair your snow blower, lawn tractor or lawn mower right in your driveway? The new “house call” concept has achieved validation. On Sight Repairs based in Rockland, MA and serving the entire South Shore has reached a major milestone - 10,000 mowers and blowers tuned and repaired.

Earl Cogswell, a Rockland, MA resident and founder/manager of On Sight Repairs noted, “We started the concept in 2011 and I guess the numbers confirm that people really love the convenience of having their mowers and blowers tuned and repaired right in their own driveway – whether they are home or not.”

He added, “We are delighted to provide first class repair service and remove the hassle of arranging for pick or delivery. Typically, we can schedule someone within a week and tune or fix their small engine in an hour. And the cost is quoted prior to starting the work. There are no surprises.”

“And, for the first time,” continued Cogswell, “We are offering an affordable franchise opportunity for those who are handy or good at managing the workforce.”

Tune-ups start at $89 and include a thorough procedure including change oil / waste, change spark plug (adjust gap), replace air filter/pre-cleaner, sharpen & balance blade, lubricate all pivot points, check crankshaft for damage, check ignition and compression, check safety components and test run, check self-propelled / grease / adjust belt, inspect starter (pull/electric/touch-n-mow). inspect primer, check & adjust for proper engine speed, replace fuel line, drop carb bowl and clean, scrape mower deck, flush fuel system, and adjust & lubricate cables.

The dilemma of homeowners is many big box sellers of power equipment want no part of malfunctions or maintenance. On the other hand, many repair shops bristle at the idea of anything less than several weeks for turnaround.

No pickup truck to transport your mower or blower? Don’t want to pay for pick up and drop off services? On Sight Repairs is an attractive, affordable solution.

Third party does tune up and repair by companies such as On Sight Repairs does NOT invalidate new equipment warrantees/guarantees.

On Sight Repairs travels to homes throughout the South Shore of Massachusetts including Abington, Cohasset, Duxbury, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Hingham, Kingston, Marshfield, Norwell, Pembroke, Plymouth, Scituate, Rockland and Whitman.

On Sight Repairs was started by Scituate resident Earl Cogswell who learned small engine repair at one of the South Shore’s better-known resources where he was employed for over two decades.

Cogswell learned about the importance of maintaining lawn and garden equipment, but also realized there was no easy and inexpensive way to arrange for that annual maintenance or occasional repair. Thus, he launched On Sight Repairs with a well-stocked van outfitted with portable tools and a variety of commonly needed replacement parts. With less overhead, Cogswell typically charges 20 percent less than conventional repair centers.

On Sight Repairs is now franchising. Thus, now those want to be the boss and enjoy their independence can have exclusive rights to their territory. To explore this business opportunity, contact On Sigh Repairs.

To obtain more information about On Sight Repairs, visit http://www.OnSightRepairs.com, email: Earl@OnSightRepairs.com or call (781) 264-8448.