Tuesday, April 12, 2022

VDOSH Makes Investment in Buoy, Inventor of Hydrating Wellness Drops

Encino, CA, April 14, 2022 -- VDOSH, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, has announced its investment in Buoy. Buoy's team of founders has invented an impressive line of hydration, energy, and immunity drops that are already available in 3,500 CVS locations across the U.S.

75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, which leads to numerous health challenges including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, cramping, and high blood pressure. Through years of R&D, Buoy has developed a hydrating drop that delivers a perfect balance of functionality & palatability without adding any sugars, calories, artificial ingredients, or flavors. Their enhancers can be added to any beverage without compromising the flavor while delivering valuable health benefits. “At VDOSH, we recognize the impact that Buoy's line of products will have on a health-conscious, consumer market. Our investment in this wellness company allows us to make an impact on a large market segment of people that are consistently seeking ways to improve their health,” says Managing Partner, Vishal Arora.

Founder and CEO of Buoy, Daniel Schindler, and his team have a strong passion for improving the health of consumers by providing a product that puts the health of its users first. "Buoy is an intersection of my personal pursuit of health and wellness and an outdated industry ripe for disruption. Hydration was something I always overlooked, often because I avoided sugar-laden sports drinks like the plague. When I really looked at ways to improve my well-being on a daily basis, staying properly hydrated was one of the simplest yet most effective things I could do,” says Daniel. He continues to share, "When we look at ways to innovate, we start with how our product experience and ingredient quality translates into the everyday people using it. Then, we take that solution and transform it into its most environmentally friendly iteration, regardless of cost. VDOSH's investment will allow Buoy to continue its pursuit of innovation and market growth."
VDOSH is a venture capital firm, which gives investors the opportunity to invest in promising new startup companies alongside major players in the industry through VDOSH Fund. For its entrepreneurs, it provides an efficient funding process and instantaneous access to a well-established network of investors and influencers.
You can find more information on VDOSH at www.vdosh.com