Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Not All Drug Tests are Alike. Opioids Now Mandated by DOT. Safe Places Expands Customized Services

Middleboro, MA and Sebago, ME, December 22, 2021 -- The federal government now requires that opioids be included in US Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated drug tests. In recognition of this requirement and the expanded drug use during Covid-19, Safer Places, Inc. has expanded customized drug testing services. 

Previous tests (DOT. or other) already included heroin, but didn’t include semi-synthetic opioids such as hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone and oxymorphone, more commonly known as Vicodin, OxyContin, Lortab, Norco, Percocet and Dilaudid. 

Note, oddly enough, fentanyl is not included and DOT is not mandating it at this time. Although not required, semi-synthetic opioids and/or fentanyl can be added to employee drug testing. 

The truck driving profession involves immense solitude, sleep deprivation and excessive fatigue. It can be annoyingly repetitive, monotonous, demanding and stressful, according to a study by the National Institutes of Health. 

“Driving a truck is both physically demanding and mentally taxing. Many drivers work long hours and are away from their families for extended time,” commented David Sawyer, CEO of Safer Places. “Better drug testing can avert disaster and also help an individual get the help they need before trauma occurs.” 

Gone are the days when employers can just order a “standard drug test.” In fact, Safer Places clients that do drug testing are now asked to complete a form and select the testing panel that best suits their needs. 

Overall drug use is up significantly by most accounts, due at least in part to the pandemic (unemployment, depression, isolation, etc. contribute to drug abuse). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of June 2020, 13 percent of Americans reported starting or increasing substance use as a way of coping with stress or emotions related to COVID-19.

Safer Places offers a wide range of background testing, in addition to customized drug testing, the company offers an innovative array of social media screening and monitoring services as an individual entity or as part of its packages of services. 

About Safer Places, Inc:
Safer Places, Inc. is a full-service firm that provides pre-employment screening, security consulting, tenant screening, and additional verification services for schools, private and public companies, property managers, property owners and anyone seeking to research an individual’s background. 

Since the events of September 11, 2001, the importance of background checks has taken on increased prominence, and Safer Places, Inc. has undertaken a number of educational initiatives for the public, including a monthly videocast called SAFERupdates. SAFERupdates provides ongoing information for those looking to learn more about background verifications, drug testing and other related topics in a series of short, live videocasts, recordings of which can be found on Safer Places, Inc.’s YouTube channel. 

Elements of a background check can include Social Security trace, criminal history search, education verification, checking with sex offender registries, drug testing, driving record/license verification, employment verification/references, terrorist watch lists, and credentials verification/history. Increasingly, companies are using background checks as a condition of continued employment, particularly when an individual is being considered for a new position or promotion. 

Safer Places, Inc. maintains offices at 25 Wareham Street, Suites 2-26, Middleborough, MA 02346 and Sebago, ME. Its principals are board certified in security management, holding the CPP (Certified Protection Professionals) designation from ASIS International and they maintain memberships in a number of organizations including the Professional Background Screeners Association (PBSA) and ASIS International. For additional information, please visit or call (508) 947-0600.