Monday, May 17, 2021

VDOSH Makes Investment in Virtual Health Platform, MediGuru

Encino, CA, May 18, 2021 -- VDOSH, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, has announced its investment in MediGuru. MediGuru is a software platform that enables healthcare systems, provider networks, or payer networks to set up a telemedicine solution that could be customized and branded as part of their virtual care practice.

“At VDOSH, we understand the importance of making healthcare convenient and accessible for everyone. MediGuru specializes in implementing a custom telehealth solution for mid-size and group health medical practices that seamlessly integrates with their existing processes and these organizations without a large IT organization can focus on a seamless operation rather than force-fitting commercial video conferencing platforms into their practice. Our investment in this technology allows us to make a global impact in terms of putting cutting-edge technology into the hands of practitioners around the world,” says Managing Partner, Vishal Arora.
Virtual health is much more complex than just facilitating a video conference between healthcare provider and patient. Creating comprehensive workflow solutions that are healthcare specific, HIPPA-compliant and can seamlessly integrate with any EHR system is a distinguishing factor for this company. “MediGuru was purpose-built with workflows that were co-designed by care teams to integrate into an existing practice providing the same level of in-person experience. Our innovative solution is simple to use, offers a superior treatment experience that elevates a company's Care Outcomes while decreasing the cost to implement,” says CEO and founder, Siva Nagalingam.
COVID-19 accelerated telehealth adoption and usage. Even post-Covid, 35% of medical consultations are expected to be virtual. The future innovation in efficiency and quality of telemedicine platforms is key for success. Siva also shares, "We are very pleased to receive this early investment from VDOSH.  Our solution is technically comparable with some of the market leaders and is being evaluated and adopted by multiple organizations. There is a need to have a solution that is simple and integrates seamlessly with less customization, implementation, and operational costs. This capital will allow us focus on sales and business development resources to increase our adoption inside continental US.”
VDOSH is a venture capital firm, which gives investors the opportunity to invest in promising new startup companies alongside major players in the industry through VDOSH Fund. For its entrepreneurs, it provides an efficient funding process and instantaneous access to a well-established network of investors and influencers.
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