Sunday, May 9, 2021

UK Indie Music Producer Singer Songwriter Release New Single "No Louder"

Muncie, IN, May 10, 2021 -- Taran Richards from the U.K. originally met up with Ondra Berry 4 years ago in a competition called Beat of the week, in Los Angeles, USA. Ondra Berry was born in Reno Nevada, USA and started making music when he attended High School. Ondra was lucky enough to have his song selected so that all the artists who entered the competition would then use his instruments to try win B.O.T.W. Taran just happened to be one of the artists who used his instruments that week and then went on to win first place 10 times running in other competitions in the contest.

Taran started making music at the age of 23 and created the U.K. group Tribe of Fable at the age of 30 that was broadcasted on the BBC Radio and did many gigs for a few years all around the U.K. Taran Richards had not only learned to become a Solo Artist at this point but also a songwriter and music producer too. This is where Taran met Jessiah aka Jessica Carter who then went on to be a recording Artist for many of Taran’s projects including the brand-new release “No Louder.”

Jessiah started making music and doing gigs from the age of 24 and was born and raised in Lancaster, U.K.

Ondra Berry at this time was not only a Music Producer but also a Script Writer for his own film projects and after a few meetings together, Taran and Ondra started to make music for tv and film to get Sync Placements with other clients all around the world.

Not only using Taran and Ondra’s skills with Music Production and songwriting but Taran also has access to two of the best male and female singers in the U.K. right now, including an extra songwriter, so all together as a team they have been creating songs that will live on forever on tv and film.

Taran has now joined Ondra’s team as a Music Manager for Reel Brothers Productions projects and is currently working with the rest of the crew on two films set to be released very soon alongside Tre Ferguson and Eric L. Jones with their new Film “Necropolis” out in 2021.

Taran Richards is now a signed artist with Amada Records and his current new single “No Louder” feat. Jessiah is now available worldwide on all digital streaming and download platforms. He his also under the management of Andrew “Drew” Knibbs of RruffNekkTalentEnt and Tiffany Gaines of SSMG ENT officiates the track distribution.

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