Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Italian Poet Vincenzo Calì Writes A Poem for The International Artist Santiago Ribeiro

Dublin, May 13, 2021 -- The Italian poet Vincenzo Calì writes a poem for the international artist Santiago Ribeiro that accompanies the exhibition that is taking place in Evora, Portugal these days.

"Profluvi", this is the title of the mysterious and incomprehensible poem by the Italian poet A.S.A.S. and Garcia Lorca prizes, for the video dedicated to the Portuguese artist Santiago Ribeiro, considered the most famous surrealist in the world and founder of the "New Surrealism Now" movement. In the video, Calì's poem is recited by the novel actor Maurizio Bianucci, interpreter of films such as Suburra, L'amore a domicilio, Fuorigioco, as well as numerous theatrical shows and RAI fiction.

Profluvi, also translated into English, tells of our unconscious, of Ribeiro's visions that seem to become more palpable thanks to the disturbing verses of the Sicilian poet who adapts to Ribeiro's surrealist demands without distorting, although usually his poems seek love and harmony. Vincenzo Calì is the demonstration that poetry cannot be considered a rhetorical and argumentative category, but is able to show the transcendent, even where it seems to be absent and is, above all, far from any form of rhetoric.

Calì in this poem let themselves be carried away by the imagination and automatisms of the unconscious, overcoming the limits of poetry as an imitation of reality, of nature, it says what is most intimate in itself, starting from the real, to arrive at the lyrical, creating a musicality that does not clash with that already present in the video. An honor for the Sicilian poet to have combined his name with that of one of the most important contemporary artists, interpreting the essence of surrealism.

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