Thursday, April 22, 2021

Black Owed Business Hloyal Management And Pr is Houston's Director David Nguyen and Oxpictures Hidden Gem

Houston, Texas, April 22, 2021 --
Director David Nguyen and the rest of Oxpictures a long-standing filming company that has catered to some of the industry's top celebrity music artists and the first pick for that next-level music video. William Harris came across originally when one of his. Clients who were cast in an Oxpictures production. Routinely walking on set to make sure his client was settled in onset when William overheard that a few more models and props needed history, a friendship was in the made. And with some quick execution, calls William Harris delivered on would he would come to find for Platinum artist T-Wayne music video.

From then all David Nguyen would be calling upon William Harris for 7- years going strong and helping produce some of the companies top music videos. Travis Scotts "Way Back" video would be one of most rememberable where the night before this 3-day production William Harris was already on the move having to secure the slabs cars that wear highlighting feature, plus the talents that were also cast by J Mulan Agency, few last-minute major cameo appearances Hloyal Management And Pr delivered. David Nguyen called on William Harris for a Bali music video working with Oxpictures Producer Ray Khan. Also, Oxpictures has produced several major oversees artist Flavour, Wiz Kid, Olamidea, Shatta Wale, Tamba Hali music videos were featured on BET west Africa, MTV headed directed by UK director Sesan and Producer David Nguyen, and  William Harris was the Production Manager, Casting Director who used his position to bring a lot of new faces and jobs to seasoned models, actors and even a homeless Houston citizen who got more than a handout. As of late Oxpictures recently filmed a new music video for artist OMB Bloodbath and a fashion documentary for Houston Designer Danny Nguyen. With more on the horizon from the Oxpictures team and William Harris expanding more into the filming industry you never know who you see them on set with next. 

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