Friday, March 19, 2021

Weight Loss Challenge Inspires Charles Place Apartments, Providence, RI Residents

Providence, RI, March 19, 2021 -- The goal of the Charles Place Apartments, located at 460 Charles Street in the heart of Providence, weight loss program is focused on managing diabetes more effectively. Working with Trine Healthcare, a Providence, RI based organization that brings a full slate of healthcare programs to affordable housing tenants, the program has initially helped, on average, to drop A1C levels from 7 to 5. Also, the top weight loss by residents was 14 pounds. Participants in the initial weight loss challenge ranging in ages from 45 to 71.

The program is scheduled to commence again this spring as social distancing measures are reduced.

“The weight loss/diabetes management program is a clear example of how wellness and healthcare programs can have a major impact for people with serious health conditions if delivered in a comfortable, accessible environment and lead by compassionate professionals,” noted Natasha Perez, Chief Executive Officer of Trine Healthcare. She added, “The residents who participated noted not only trimmer waistlines and reduced A1C levels, but a significant lift of well-being. We are delighted with the results and look forward to continuing this program and making a measurable difference in the lives of affordable housing residents.”

About Trine Healthcare:
Trine Healthcare helps build stronger communities by providing on-site wellness programs in subsidized housing buildings. Trine has a unique and hands on approach. While many agencies send referrals to residents for services they may need, Trine directly engages with residents and helps arrange doctors’ appointments, thoroughly explain healthcare status and act as a personal liaison to services.
Trine is helping to bridge the healthcare inequity gaps for low income and minority populations by providing services and education to them one-to-one to where they are in every respect – physically and mentally. There are many services available to people that fall into this category and there are numerous agencies that can help. Many of these organizations are overburdened, understaffed and rely on their members having the knowledge and transportation to access their services.

Trine Healthcare fills in those gaps and create a win-win-win for residents, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and subsidized housing owners alike. The Trine Healthcare collaboration is comprised of the residents, Trine Healthcare and the owners and investors of subsidized housing buildings that want the best for their residents.

Trine Healthcare on-site wellness programs include:

- Wellness checks
- Provider care coordination
- Assistance scheduling medical appointments and transportation.
- Activities of daily living assessments and plan to ADL/IADL improvements
- Chronic condition education
- Healthy goal setting
- Connection to community resources
- On-site health screenings and vaccination clinics
- Technology training and assistance

Trine Healthcare helps affordable housing executives take advantage of federal and state incentives surrounding on-site wellness programs in subsidized housing.

For more information about health and wellness programs offered by Trine Healthcare, visit or call 401-684-4858.