Sunday, February 7, 2021

Aspiring Podcasters Offered Opportunity To Start A Podcast & Live Their Podcasting Dreams

Long Beach, CA, February 08, 2021 -- Sharifah Hardie of is excited to share a valuable service with aspiring podcasters everywhere. Ask Sharifah helps people start their own podcasts, offering helpful tips and proven strategies to avoid the pitfalls and learning curves many new podcasters experience. This opportunity is perfect for podcast aficionados, those who love to talk and meet new people, and anyone who has ever dreamed of creating an award-winning podcast.

Sharifah is the perfect person for the job because of her extensive history as a podcaster. Since launching her first podcast on Blog Talk Radio in 2009, Sharifah has mastered the elements of a great podcast and has assembled a team of experts in the talk show arena to help people create, market, and grow their podcasts. "I am excited to use my platform to help aspiring podcasters navigate the world of podcasting and gain a good foundation," says Sharifah. "My goal is to create opportunities and open doors for the dreamers and the doers, and I am excited to do exactly this through this service."

The Ask Sharifah platform and website receives consistently high viewership and levels of unique website visitors and offers a level of professionalism that makes the website a touchstone for some of the top people in the industry. Those who take advantage of this special offer will also have their show included on the Ask Sharifah sister site

Ask Sharifah encourages people not to delay, and instead, start their new talk show podcast today. To learn how to get started, please visit the Ask Sharifah website or keep up with important news on the Facebook page.

About Sharifah Hardie and Ask Sharifah:
Sharifah Hardie is a business consultant, talk show host, author, diversity and inclusion expert, and influencer. Sharifah has long had an online presence and is a master of keeping up with trends and bringing fresh ideas to the ever-changing landscape of business, technology, entertainment, media, marketing, and advertising. She is resilient, deliberate, and precise, and she uses her wide range of knowledge and experience to help companies be the best they can and find the success they deserve. Sharifah has big plans to help her community, share her best advice, and continue on her journey to become one of the top executives in entertainment, business, politics, and more.

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