Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Black Spectrum Theatre Co. Inc. Announces Black Spectrum Home Video Series Subscription 2020-2021

Queens, NY, Dec 23, 2020 -- Black Spectrum Theatre Co. Inc. Announces Black Spectrum Home Video Series for the months of December 2020 and January 2021. About: Black Spectrum Theatre and its Founder - Carl Clay—a playwright, director, and filmmaker founded Black Spectrum Theatre Company as a traveling theatrical troupe in 1970. He is now its executive producer.

Since that time, Black Spectrum has grown into a multifaceted performing arts and media company that has produced and presented over 150 plays, 30 films, and numerous works of music, dance, and performance art.

Black Spectrum Theatre is the recipient of ten AUDELCO Awards and three National Black Theatre Festival Awards for excellence in African-American theatre.

December 4th (G) 94mins D00-WOP Love – Sing or hum along to memorable songs of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Written and Directed by the late Ron Wyche.

December 11th (PG) 94mins 2 Trains Running – The play takes place in a Black-owned restaurant in the 1960’s, just after the assassination of Malcolm X.

December 18th (G) 22mins – The 70’s – Black Spectrum’s vintage promotional excerpts from our first hit play.

December 24th- 26th (G) 43mins – FUNKIN’ for Jamaica – A historic gathering of world class Jazz and R & B musicians who came home to Jamaica to perform in honor of Weldon Irvine, writer of hit song “TO BE YOUNG, GIFTED, and Black.”

January 8th 92mins – Ali – Relive the days of the fast-footed, quick-witted people’s champ Muhammad Ali in this historical play performed by Geoffrey C. Ewing.

January 15th (PG) 85mins – THE PROPHECY – Part prophecy, part ritual, this vintage experimental theatre piece projects the future of African Americans.

January 22nd (G) 150mins ONCE UPON A WIFE-Time – A husband comes home and tells his wife of 15 years that he wants a second wife.

January 29th (G) 120mins – A Conversation with VIVICA A FOX – Vivica shares the trials and tribulation of her career in the Hollywood film industry and her blockbuster film roles along the way.

About Black Spectrum:
Black Spectrum Game Changing Season Subscription – As a subscriber you will receive a link to a new vintage video online each week with a password. Once you tap on the link you will be able to view on your computer (or your computer connected to your TV) the weekly program. You can watch the video anytime you want during the 51 hour viewing period, from 7PM Friday to 10PM Sunday.

Here’s how easy it is to become a Black Spectrum Season Pass Subscriber 1. Go to www.blackspectrum.net 2. Select SEASON PASS 2020-2021 3. Enter payment method or call us at 718-723-1900 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm and Black Spectrum Theatre will take your subscription for a Season Pass over the phone.

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