Thursday, September 3, 2020

Whiz Kid Support Launches Tech Support Service for Consumers, Households and Small Businesses

Sturbridge, MA, Sep 3, 2020 -- Today’s household has more computer users than ever. With Mom and Dad working from home either full- or part-time, the kids attending school under normal, hybrid or remote conditions, many households have more computers than some small businesses. The only difference being most small businesses have some sort of IT support in-house or on retainer. Seeing this need prompted Sturbridge, MA-resident Paul LaFlamme to create Whiz Kids Support to serve consumer users and small businesses with three or fewer PCs.

What is a Whiz Kid? In simple terms, it’s somebody who is good with computers and can find quick fixes and add protection systems to keep your computer running smoothly. Ironically, many Whiz Kids are not exactly kids.

“Some of our Whiz Kids are Gen X’ers, even a Baby Boomer or two. But each Whiz Kid has a special ability to provide solutions to common and not-so-common computer issues,” said Paul LaFlamme, founder of Whiz Kid Support and the owner of Centrend, a Sturbridge, MA-based IT solution provider for small to mid-size businesses. “While there may be a few households that have their own computer whiz living there, most don’t. Whiz Kids Support provides a remote resource for households to solve computer problems, address security issues and remove the stress from having something go wrong with your computer. That’s why we call it stress-free tech.”

Whiz Kid Solutions provides remote computer services on a wide range of common issues---slow computer, e-mail problems, security, stopping pop-ups, or setting up new computers. For those issues that can’t be fixed remotely, Whiz Kid Support also offers on-site and zero-contact drop off repair by appointment. 

Other issues Whiz Kid Support addresses include computer security and safety; printing problems; e-mail issues; slow dropping Wi-Fi; back-ups; and more. Whiz Kid Support also offers coaching and training as well as new computer sales and replacements. 

“Without being cruel, most home users do not take the proper precautions for their computers. That could be for any number of reasons, ranging from lack of knowledge to not wanting to bring their computer to the big box store and being without it for an unknown period of time,” said LaFlamme. “With Whiz Kids, we can fix 95 percent of your problems remotely so you’re not without your PC or Mac. Whiz Kids also provide tech solutions for Smartphones.”

In addition to household customers, Whiz Kid Support also serves small businesses with three computers or less. Whiz Kid Support service plans range from one-time fixes to Bronze, Silver and Gold options. The plans are per household and not for one specific computer. 

“Our service plans are flexible and offer a viable, stress-free solution for a wide range of users, including households with one or more students; home businesses; seniors; etc.,” said LaFlamme.

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About Whiz Kid Support:
Whiz Kid Support provides computer support services to individual home users and to small/independent businesses with three or fewer computers. A sister company to Centrend (, Whiz Kid Support offers one-time rates and annual service plans and fixes a wide range of computer issues. Whiz Kid Support also offers coaching, training and consultation services on purchasing new computers. For more information, call 774-778-2800 or visit

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