Thursday, September 24, 2020

Leading Minority-Owned Michigan Cannabis Venture, Calyxeum Announces Goal of $2 Million to Expand Socially Conscious Cannabis Venture

Detroit, MI, Sep 24, 2020 -- Calyxeum, the leading, minority-owned Michigan based cannabis venture, announced they are in the process of raising $2 million in growth capital to expand its superior-quality, medical-grade cannabis, and edible products business. To reach this goal, Calyxeum will target investors by focusing on social equity applicants, adding to the vision of building community restoration throughout Michigan.

The timing of Calyxeum’ s announcement is auspicious as nearly 60% of U.S. states have legalized some form of cannabis use and sales. As a biotechnology and life sciences leader that supports its boutique cannabis cultivation operation, Calyxeum has the ultimate goal of providing underrepresented populations access to high-quality cannabis products.

“We intend to maintain a competitive advantage in this quickly-expanding market by embracing and expanding the relationships we have built since 2009. We are in revenue. Of our $2M raise, we have commitments totaling $1M. And, we’ve purchased our building. It’s a high margin business, so we are confident we can deliver strong returns for investors.” Rebecca Colett - Calyxeum, CEO.

Calyxeum is well-positioned to compete with the cannabis industries in Colorado and California. It is leveraging their industry-wide reputation of quality and philosophy of social activism by exploring minority investments from individuals and firms who can help drive value creation. Calyxeum is fully compliant with all state and local municipalities for the Michigan marijuana industry. It is also positioned for national expansion as the cannabis industry federal laws adjust and evolve.

To help gauge interest with this process, Calyxeum will be hosting a virtual pitch interview on Girl Get That Money (GGTM) September 24, 2020, at 11 am PDT. For more information on the pitch interview and to purchase tickets, go to For more information on Calyxeum, please visit or follow them on Instagram. 

About Calyxeum:
Michigan based cannabis venture, Calyxeum produces products including dry herbs, concentrates, and topical ointments under a wholesale organic brand and distributes them to dispensaries and providers throughout the state of Michigan. Calyxeum products are produced by COO, LaToyia Rucker who has worked in Michigan’s legal cannabis industry since 2009 as a master gardener.