Sunday, September 27, 2020

Children's Author of Keeping Your Cool Renée McRae Available to Read Book and Provide Workshops at Schools

New York, NY, Sep 28, 2020 -- Children’s Author of Keeping Your Cool Renée McRae is available to read books and provide workshops at schools. Renée McRae is the Founder & Pres. of Poetic Motivations LLC, a personal development training company. Author, Poet, Teaching Artist, Motivational Speaker, Success Coach and most recently, Recording Artist, Renée McRae has enhanced school climates and cultures for over two decades. Students, Teachers and Parents absolutely love her! Using poetry as a springboard, Ms. McRae captivates, mesmerizes and empowers any audience. Through her fun-filled Workshops and Assembly Programs, she specializes in Success Skills.

Ms. McRae has published 22 Books of Student (and Teacher) Poetry with various schools across the country. Additionally, her funky rap/song, titled, “You Can Live Your Dreams” is available on all download and streaming platforms. Listen here:

Renée McRae’s most recent children’s book is titled “Keeping Your Cool, at Home or in School.” Written totally in rhyming verse, this book is a fun, short story filled with tips to help students better understand how to manage their emotions and behavior in challenging situations. This, along with the accompanying Student Workbook and Teacher Guide, makes for the perfect duo to help students internalize the recognition of their anger triggers, become aware of their reactions, and begin to take advantage of options for better responses in the future.

“Ms. Renée …your book is amazingly brilliant…beautifully illustrated, perfect for my 3 going on 4 yr old….so many relatable lessons in there for her! She had questions galore of course but all that sparked great conversation. She will be attending pre-school soon…this book will definitely help her keep her cool! Thank you!” Me. Rebecca Williams, Parent, Bridgeport, CT.

“This book is a great summer read for my son. I recommend this book for any age group. I love how it teaches children how to keep their cool in different situations especially in the world we live in today. I can’t wait to share this with my son’s daycare as well. Thank you so, so much for this book, Renee. WE LOVE IT!!” Ms. Temi Oloko, Kindergarten Teacher – Brooklyn, NY.

“Hi Ms. Renée, The [workshop] session was so good! I had fun! Please send us a copy of the Keeping Your Cool Book. It was awesome!” Ms. Lim, 5th grade Teacher, Brooklyn, NY.

“I just received my book, and I’m so excited! As a teacher in the public school system, one thing I know is that our children struggle with coping with their anger. What a wonderful tool to have is a book like this, Keeping Your Cool, by Renée McRae.” Ms. Covington, 6th grade Teacher, Laurinburg, NC.

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